Volunteers were a vital part of past WODGODZ competitions, and we will need even more support this year for the WODGODZ. Besides being close to the action, you will come away with the gratification of helping, an awesome T-shirt, and some other swag! Discover how you can contribute to the event by reviewing the categories below, and register today...we appreciate each and every one of you. To register as a volunteer, click the registration button.



Judging is both an essential and critical skill. Judges must be knowledgeable of and committed to the standards and will be expected to attend pre-event judging certification classes. Not for the timid, these volunteers must be able to be as assertive as they are fair. 


equipment crew

This is a physically demanding position and members of this team must be willing and able to work quickly on a variety of tasks to facilitate WODGODZ events, including moving weights and equipment. They will be the ghosts behind the scenes, but also will have a front row view of all the action. Want to be on the floor and busy?


Registration assistants

Are all your shirts neatly arranged by color? Do you like meeting lots of new people and have an ability to work efficiently? If so, then this is your jam! We will need help getting 300 athletes, vendors, and other event participants registered and on their way quickly. 


Wildcard Crew

These volunteers will be asked to help with everything and anything not otherwise specified. If you are a Jack or Jill of all trades, and like surprises, then this is the place for you. 

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