Programming for WODGODZ V is COMING SOON!

Come prepared to compete from the moment you arrive to register, and expect the unexpected. We do not plan to spoil the all the surprises we have in store for you on this page, but check back here for more details and event descriptions with videos as the event draws nearer.

We will be releasing 4 WODS here in advance of the event weekend to allow for preparation and strategy, and two WODS the weekend of WODGODZ (one on Friday and One on Saturday).

Surprise WODS

Want to know more about what may be in store with the surprise WODS? Check out the movement/ability requirements for each division on the Divisions and Standards page.


Disputes are an unavoidable part of any judged competition. We work very hard to limit them, but just in case you feel you have been judged unfairly or improperly, please refer to our Scoring Dispute Procedures document for details about how to file a dispute and initiate a review of your score.

Event #1coming soon

Click the event name for a .pdf of complete WOD description, variations, and other details. Then, see video below for more.

See a sample from last year below: