Come prepared to compete from the moment you arrive to register, and expect the unexpected. We do not plan to spoil the all the surprises we have in store for you on this page, but check here for more specific details and even some event descriptions and videos as the event draws near. We will release WODs beginning in February.

Can’t wait to know more about what’s in store? Check out the movement/ability requirements for each division on the Divisions and Standards page.

Below are examples of prior WODS.

Click event title below for full standards

2018 WOD #3: Loki's Leap

See this video for the “Alternating box step-down” standards.


The weight standards for Climbing Olympus have been revised in response to feedback. We feel it is now very equitable and think it will be a great test at all levels...enjoy!

2018 WOD #6: Climbing Olympus

See this video for the “Supine rope pull ups” standards.