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Zeus: Ken Sanders zeus@WODGODZ.com

Kenneth Sanders is a Facial Plastic Surgeon in Shreveport, LA. He and his wife, Lynn, have two sons Dane, and Lance.

When not at work or with his family, Ken can usually be found with his second love, CrossFit, which he began in 2010 after a friend challenged him to try it out.  Now in the Master’s 50-54 division, he trains 5 days a week and finished the 2017 Open online regional’s qualifier ranked 37th in in the world. When asked why he wanted to start a large scale competition he says, “I have competed locally and regionally, I know what a quality competition should look like, I know what I would have changed about others I have been to, and I know we can deliver all of the above at an event here in Shreveport.”

Ken is also addicted to other high-adrenaline high-speed activities, such as high-performance driver’s education events, water skiing, jet skiing, and wake boarding.

Ken is primary contact for: Everything…if you can’t find it elsewhere, contact Zeus!

Kratos: Tim Adams kratos@WODGODZ.com

Tim Adams is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience in managing, operating, and owning businesses within the real estate, finance, and vehicle remarketing industries. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona, and is a graduate of ADESA’s Leadership Development Program. Most recently, Tim broke out of the corporate mainstream to start his own auction company, and is owner of Alliance Auto Auction, which now includes 4 auction locations in two states.

For health, fun, and clarity, Tim relies on and loves CrossFit! He is a “Master” age-group athlete now at the young age of 48, and he loves to compete. Since his start in 2014, he has taken his passion for fitness to the next level, competing in several local and regional competitions, and, of course, the Open. He also combined his love of fitness with his business knowledge and partnered into ownership of a CrossFit gym in 2015.

Tim is the primary contact for: Media and communications.

Heracles: Tyler Bray heracles@WODGODZ.com

Tyler Bray, AKA Heracles, is a Shreveport native who grew up in a very active lifestyle, playing any sport his parents would allow; but, his true passion was always baseball. He is a 2004 graduate of C. E. Byrd High School, where he was selected to several All District Teams, All City Teams, and the All State Team in his senior year. He continued his love for the sport in his collegiate career at Louisiana College in Pineville, LA, where he met his amazing wife, Tori, and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology.

After college, he completed the Shreveport Fire Department Academy training, and began his career with the SFD in September, 2010. He describes becoming a fireman as one of the most rewarding things he has ever done.

He was introduced to CrossFit in December of 2012, and his love for fitness was finally fulfilled when he realized there was a sport devoted to “working out.” He became a Level 1 CrossFit Coach in 2013 as a founding member of CrossFit SBC, and since then, he has no doubt that CrossFit has improved his ability to perform in life, and on the job as fireman; both physically and emotionally.

These days, he balances his time between work, his family, and the gym. He and his wife were blessed with an unbelievable son, Tyson, in July, 2015, and now he finds himself using his new level of fitness keeping up with him…and being a great role model for him!

Perseus: Chris Brunnettin perseus@WODGODZ.com

His name may be Chris, but after 12 years of army service as a helicopter pilot and his current position as a private chopper pilot, to those who know and love him, he is affectionately known as “Chop.” As you might expect of a man called Chop, who is also the 2012 Pennsylvania taco eating champion, his personality is as colorful as his nickname. He is as full of energy as he is one-liners.

He has been involved with CrossFit for five years, and was weightlifting for five before that, and is one of the foundations of the CrossFit SBC coaching staff. He is always ready and willing to coach, encourage, and even “will” his athletes to achieve the improvement they may not even know they have in them. If not coaching, he can be found with his beautiful fiancee and training partner, Kristen, making gains of their own. Both were 2016 South central regional team competitors, and both are training hard to return to that limelight and beyond…to The Games!

Apollo: Jeff Dixon apollo@WODGODZ.com

Jeff Dixon will turn 50 this year, but that hasn’t even begun to slow down this 24-year veteran Captain of the Shreveport Fire Department. He can talk for hours about his love of his job, but the only things he loves more are his beautiful wife, Michelle, his three daughters, and his two grandchildren.

To say he also loves fitness and the outdoors would be an incredible understatement. If not at work or outdoors “chasin’ some critter,” as he would say, he can be found at CrossFit SBC, working out himself or helping someone else improve their level of fitness… something everyone knows and respects about Jeff.

His love of fitness began over 35 years ago, but it was only in 2012, when a friend asked him to help him open a CrossFit box, that he truly found the level of fitness that he had been searching for his entire life.

Jeff is the primary contact for: Rig and equipment

Poseidon: Tom Siskron, IV poseidon@WODGODZ.com
A Shreveport native, Tom is a local physician and father to two very active sons, Thomas and Campbell. His love of health and fitness and his passion for helping others come together almost every day, as he tries to guide his patients by instruction away from chronic illness and toward a healthy lifestyle, and lead his friends and family by example to CrossFit and health and fitness in general (sometimes to their annoyance, he is sure!).

Tom became a CrossFit disciple in 2012, and believes in the long-term goal of being “better than yesterday” in every aspect of his fitness. His favorite aspects of CrossFit, though often thought of as being on different ends of the spectrum, are Oly lifting and gymnastic movements. Through his perspective as a physician, he has observed countless people age into progressive inactivity, rigid immobility, and chronic debilitation, and he is determined to stay strong and supple for years to come.

When not at work, with family, or in the gym, he enjoys performance driving (with track mate, Zeus), construction projects, travel, being on the water, and other outdoor activities.

Tom is the primary contact for: Registration, vendor village, on-site physical therapy, post-event equipment sales.

Ares: Geoff Westmoreland ares@WODGODZ.com

Geoff’s full time day job is as an attorney in Shreveport, Louisiana. He is married to his loving wife, Stephanie, and he has a son (16), who also CrossFits, and daughter (14). He turns 49 in August 2017, and recalls that it was at the age of 43 that he lost over 50 pounds and began the road to getting in the best shape of his life through clean eating, hard exercise and CrossFit. Now, he understands that age is only a number, and he firmly believes he is only scratching the surface of his CrossFit potential. Being an avid CrossFitter for almost five years now, he trains at CrossFit SBC five to six days a week. He finished the 2016 Crossfit Open ranked 272 worldwide in the Master’s 45-49 division, and he continues to train and compete in as many local and regional competitions as he can, constantly trying to improve his own level of fitness.

He also has a passion for helping other “40 and overs” achieve their fitness goals, saying, “CrossFit is now my vehicle to help other masters realize that life at 40 is just beginning and that they can achieve anything – including being incredibly fit – that they put their mind and effort to, even at age 40 above.”

Geoff’s extensive experience with CrossFit competitions, both large and small, will definitely be useful in making WodGodz one of the best competitions in the South!